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Welcome to Jung's Taekwondo Grinnell & English Valley Branches. We are a traditional style full-time taekwondo school. We teach taekwondo to people of all ages. Grinnell Taekwondo and English Valley Taekwondo is different than any other school because we teach the ART side of taekwondo, and not the sport. Therefore the only competition that you have is yourself. It's perfect for building confidence, getting into shape, learning self defense and making new friends! Come see us at Grinnell Taekwondo or English Valley Taekwondo TODAY!!


Taekwondo has been so beneficial for my family. My daughters have become more disciplined, focused and confident. They have to work hard but also enjoy it at the same time. I attribute much of their success to Master Gibson who is a wonderful instructor and who is very attuned to his students. We are proud to be part of this TaeKwonDo family. Sue Hovenga Grinnell

Jung's Taekwondo in Grinnell under the direction of Master Gibson has been wonderful for my family. Not only has it gotten my son away from video games, it has helped him become stronger both mentally and physically. I encourage everyone no matter the age to give it a try. Just ask my husband who started taekwondo at the age of 51 !  Mary Hunt Grinnell

Tenants of Taekwondo
Self Control
Indomitable Spirit

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