Self Defense & Safety Course!

3 Ps of Personal Safety: Prevention, Protection & Power!

Jung’s Taekwondo in Grinnell, Iowa is pleased to offer a self-defense seminar to area businesses and organizations.  This program is developed for women, young adults and teens who desire to increase their knowledge and ability to prevent, evade, protect and defend oneself from aggressive behavior/attack. 

Self-defense training is broken down into a 4-part sequence (spanning 3-4 weeks) to maximize learning and retention through direct hands-on interaction with martial arts and law enforcement experts. Participants will be educated on increasing safety awareness & self-protection strategies.  Content covered includes learning strategies for steering away from an attack as well as quick and efficient techniques for blocks, strikes, kicks, submission holds, release moves, pressure points and maximizing one’s power in the face of such a serious threat. All attendees will have the opportunity to participate in attack simulation(s) following self-defense training. 

Be Ready!

Comfortable attire such as basic athletic wear is recommended.  Although each class is limited to one hour in length, participants should also bring water for hydration.

For more information on our self-defense seminars, please contact us!